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Custom Mural Art & Color Consultation

Customer Scenario:

The client inquired about having exterior trim/siding, a gazebo and a mural on the side of a decorative outhouse power washed and painted.


Floit & Co. was able to assist the client with a full consultation and creative design approach to this project.  We were able to help them decide on the colors of the house trim/siding, gazebo, and decorative outhouse so that it embodied the vision and feel they desired for their projects.  The end result included painting the trim/siding of house, gazebo trim and ceiling, outhouse, and mural on the side of the outhouse.

End Result:

The client was thrilled with the outcome of their projects.  The end result was a restored finish to their home, gazebo, and outhouse, adding value and enjoyment of their home.  They were pleased that Floit & Co. could manage all three projects as well as add a creative touch with the mural.  The client was satisfied with the quality and care that Floit & Co. put into their projects.


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