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High Ceiling Church Interior Painting

Customer Scenario:

A local area church reached out to Floit & Co. for assistance in painting and wall repair for their sizable projector screens.  The interior church walls had not been painted in roughly 15 years, and the 3, 30 foot tall projector walls were in need of drywall work to repair holes, gaps and imperfections on the screens. 

Methodology / Solution:

Floit & Co. was able to work around the church’s active schedule to perform patch work and drywall mud fixes at the facility.  We mudded and sanded the projector walls a total of 5 times until they were done correctly (they were in bad shape to say the least).  Upon finishing the drywall work, we primed the walls twice and painted a top coat on all 3 walls for a professional finish.  Floit & Co. also painted the entire interior church facility for a face lift and fresh look.

End Result:

The projector screens are being welcomed and commented on by various members of the church each and every Sunday.  Both the patrons and maintenance staff at the church are very impressed with the finishing work and overall look to the church.  They were also complimentary in our scheduling and flexibility around the various scheduling events.