Array ( ) Kids Bedroom - Ceiling Drywall Water Damage - Mediation - Insulation - Oil Primer

Kids Bedroom - Ceiling Water Damage Mediation

Customer Scenario:

The client reached out to Floit & Co. after some water damage in the ceiling of their twin boys' bedroom. Their ask was to fix the water damage and replace the drywall in the ceiling, paint and refinish the surface.


Floit & Co. was able to come in and tear down the water damaged sections in the ceiling. We then worked to seal the water damage with oil primer and replace drywall and fix the insulation. A series of coats of mudding and priming were needed to repair the damaged area. Ultimately the end project was painting of the entire ceiling to finish off the repair.

End Result:

The client was extremely pleased with the outcome and finished product. Having the piece of mind to have the boys' room finished off was a big relief, knowing they didn't have to worry about the water damage getting any worse than it was.