Array ( ) Kitchen Remodel - Cabinetry, Drawers, Maple Finish, Painted Cream White Color Doors

Kitchen Remodel - Maple Cabinetry, Drawers

 Customer Scenario: 

Floit & Co. often works hand in hand with local realtors to help with their clients moving in from out of state, and often on tight timelines.  In this scenario a family of four was moving from New Jersey to Ohio and looking to get various projects tacked prior to their arrival.  The big task on this project was a kitchen cabinet refinish and overhaul. 

Methodology / Solution:

Floit & Co. tackled this kitchen project with the goal of changing all of the cabinetry and drawers from a maple finish to a painted cream / white color.  We worked to remove all of the cabinets and hardware throughout.  The next step was to sand and clean all of the woodwork.  In this scenario we used a sprayer to prime both sides of the cabinets, and spray two top coats.  Floit & Co. also taped off the entire kitchen space to spray the same process on all of the cabinetry attached to the walls and around appliances. 

End Result:

The client was beyond pleased with the total transformation of their kitchen space and overall update to make their new house their own.  This entire woodwork process and project allowed the customer to upgrade their kitchen without completely replacing their cabinets, but still have the look and feel of a brand new look at a fraction of the price of new.