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Power Wash & Exterior Cleaning - Buildings & Homes

Customer Scenario:

Customer was interested in having their exterior trim/stucco power washed and painted along with exterior front, back and garage doors and their wooden privacy fence.


Floit & Co. was able to meet the customer's needs by power washing the exterior of house and fence in aa timely manner. We also met with the customer to pick colors for the trim, stucco and doors that would meet the HOA rules within their neighborhood. As the project came to completion, the customer also had Floit & Co. replace their outdoor lighting near garage and back door.

End Result:

The customer was thoroughly impressed with the completed work by Floit & Co. They were pleased with the final outcome of their exterior power washing and painting that Floit & Co. completed in a smooth and professional manner.


  • Exterior Painting
  • Power washing/ Cleaning
  • Stucco painting/repair
  • Color Consultation
  • Fences