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Retail Interior Painting & Color Consultation

Customer Scenario: 

A local antique store inquired about getting some wall repairs done, along with a color consultation for various rooms.  The goal was to coordinate color schemes and bold accent walls to highlight various pieces for sale and create multiple showcase spaces.  Timing was a key factor as well to coordinate down time for off retail hours, as to not interrupt peak season.  

Methodology & Solution:

Floit & Co. came in a tackled wall repairs first.  Being a retail antique store with various furniture pieces and pictures, there were years’ worth of nail holes and wall mudding to be done.  Mudding, sanding, priming to cover up roughly 500 nail holes in the walls. Once the walls were completed a color consult to create accent wall spaces to accentuate the various rooms and antique pieces in the gallery.

End Result:

The customer was very pleased to see the wall repair and new color schemes in their showroom.  The result was an updated and new look to the space, bringing back the original character and charm to the space.  Repaired walls and accent walls go a long way to creating inviting and coordinated spaces for their clients.

Offerings Used in This Scenario:

  • Interior painting
  • Color consultation / room design