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Stucco Repair, Painters & Cleaning

Customer Scenario:

The client inquired about having their exterior stucco/trim painted along with exterior doors, gutters & down spouts and sunroom. They also were interested in replacing their front lighting near their front door and garage door.


Floit & Co. was able to help by starting with a color consultation to help the client pick a new color theme for their exterior of their home. All the work completed and managed by Floit & Co. included: painting the exterior stucco/trim, window trim, sunroom, front door, garage door, and gutters & down spouts. Also replacing rotted wood around windows/upper gutters and replacing light fixtures near the front door and garage door.

End Result:

The client was happy to have their home power washed, and painted along with replacing rotted wood around their windows and light fixtures by Floit & Co. They were satisfied that all of the work could be completed by Floit & Co. The client was already vocalizing about their projects that they wanted Floit & Co. to get started on next.


  • Exterior Painting
  • Windows scraping/refinishing/replacement
  • Power washing/Cleaning
  • Stucco painting/repair
  • Color consultation